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Welcome! I'm Jess, your Holistic Doula and this is my family! 

Here's my story...

In March of 2021, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I was so excited but also filled with fear. I was so afraid of everything! The thought of another human growing inside of me, the pain labour was going to bring, the thought of my vagina ripping or having a c-section, ALL OF IT!! So I began to do my research, and did I ever dive in deep! 

My goal: educate myself on all my options, choose what feels good for me, avoid a traumatic birth. 

I worked really hard at preparing for this big life experience. I gathered a birthing team that supported me and my choices. I had a pelvic floor physio therapist, a midwife, a doula and my amazing husband, Kyle. 

We planned for a home birth. So I prepared everything I needed to give birth at home. I prepared my mind with meditations, affirmations and a beautiful birthing vision board. I read books and listened to podcasts. Even rented a pool so I could have a water birth. I can confidently say, with a lot of work, my fears were released and I was excited to birth my baby!

When the big day came, I chose to make some pivots. After labouring at home for 25 hours, I chose to transition to the hospital for an epidural. A little bit of rest was exactly what I needed. Once the epidural started to wear off, I felt like I was ready to push and delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy, Max, 35 minutes later. 

My birth experience was not my plan A. However, it was amazing and empowering nonetheless. I was so grateful that I could incorporate most of my birth wishes. I am so proud of myself for making choices that made me feel good. I am so proud of my body for knowing exactly what to do. I am so proud to be Max's Mom. 

Through my personal experience and research, a fire inside me was lit. I knew when I was about 6 months pregnant that I wanted to become a Doula to help other pregnant people navigate their journeys but also help people who are trying to conceive grow their own families. Today, that fire is still lit, and it's burning hot! I am so grateful to be here and ready to support you, whatever that may look like for you. 


Ready to create your own beautiful story? Book a free 30-minute clarity call to see if we're the right fit!. 

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